Monday, June 12, 2017

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スピーカー: 鈴木芙美 

How 1:パレードがどう構成されているか
How 2:サンバの踊り方(踊っているふりの仕方)



日時: 2017年7月29日(土)15時~17時
会場: タイサラ タイ・カフェ&レストラン
会費: 2,500円 (ブラジル料理の軽食 &1 フリードリンク(ビール、赤白ワイン, ジュース, お茶、コーヒー等)タイのお茶はサービス)

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – The world’s biggest entertainment

Women in bikini with feathers dancing and people partying till they drop: This is the image most people have on the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Yes, it is one aspect of the carnival but certainly not all. It is a massive parade that multiple samba teams showcase their music, dance, and costumes/floats expressing themes such as culture, nature, or history. They actually compete for championship and yet it is a true entertainment.

Speaker: Fumi Sizuki
The speaker has worked in a costume team of one of the most prominent samba teams Salgueiro in 2008, which was a rare opportunity for a Japanese. She will introduce what exactly the Carnival is with photos, videos, and music. Let’s find out what one of the top three festivals in the world can offer to you!

Who participates in it?
What is it?
When do they hold it?
Where do they parade?
Why is it?
How is it organized?
How to dance samba, or at least pretend to?

Date/Time: 3pm to 5pm, Saturday, July 29
Venue; Thaisara (
Cost: 2.500 yen, including simple Brazilian food and 1 free drink (free tea during the event is available)

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