Monday, April 24, 2017

Chair Yoga Workshop 

<English text follows Japanese: for sure, non-native Japanese speakers are welcome, too!>


●日時:2017年5月13日(土) 15:00〜17:00
●場所:タイサラ (東横線 妙蓮寺駅徒歩4分)
●講師:飯田 英里 (全米ヨガ連盟登録インストラクター)
●参加費:3000円 (ビーガンのタイ料理付)
−参加者 自己紹介 (10 min)
−ヨガとチェアヨガのレクチャー/質疑応答 (25 min)
−チェアヨガクラス (40 min)
−フィードバック、Q&A、軽食 (45 min)


New to Yoga? Need to learn how to quickly release your mental and physical stress? Start here with the chair yoga sequences on fundamental yoga poses without yoga mat or yoga wear! The chair yoga can be performed by people of all ages and abilities, including office workers. It’s also ideal for those who would like to feel secure exercising while seated.
Eri, registered yoga teacher at the US Yoga alliance, will organize a chair yoga workshop at Thaisara, charming Thai cafe-restaurant in Yokohama.
A short lecture about yoga history and chair yoga theory/ instructions will be provided during the workshop as well, so that you may try some poses smoothly.
Yoga will help you to learn to create self-care habit and techniques adapted to a small space. Chair yoga can be performed anywhere and anytime. All you need is a chair. Join us, learn some poses and practice it at home!

Here is the workshop information:

- Date and time: May 13, 2017
- Place: Thaisara Cafe-Restaurant (4 min walk from Myorenji Station)
- Instructor: Eri (RYT 200- Registered Yoga Teacher at the US Yoga Alliance)
- Fee: 3,000 yen (especially selected healthy vegan Thai food included)
- Number of people: 8

- Program
> Introduction (10 min)
> Presentation: history of yoga, chair yoga theory and instruction (25 min)
> Chair yoga class (40 min)
> Tea time: feedback and Q&A (45 min)

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