Friday, February 19, 2016

しゃべくら Night at タイサラ 《テーマ:アート》
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第2回「しゃべくら Night」をタイサラで開催いたします。このイベントでは、20枚の写真を1枚につき20 秒しゃべってもらいます(20 秒経過すると自動的に画像が切り替わります)。ちまたで行われている“Pecha Kucha events”のようなスタイルです。

日 時:2016年3月20日(日) 18時〜21時
場 所:タイサラ(Thaisara)タイ料理レストラ
料 金:4000円(飲み・食べ放題)※スピーカーは500円引
定 員:20〜25人(スピーカーは8名程度)
飲み物:タイとドイツのビール、赤白ワインソフトドリンク ほか

Art-themed Shabekura Night at Thaisara

Inspired by the recently popular pecha kucha events, Thaisara’s Shabekura photo slide talk events have their own character. This time, our topic is art. “Art” is not just works of art you might see in an art museum, but also includes art in daily life, such as the art of cooking, the art of educating children, and even the art of enjoying life in a big city like Tokyo. We invite presenters to bring 20 photos that represent “art” as they understand it, and describe each photo for 20 seconds. Working artists and those whose work is related to art are also welcome to introduce their work to the audience. If you are an art enthusiast and often visit art museums or galleries, we would love to hear why you like a certain kind of art. Presentations may be in English or Japanese. Tentatively, we plan to have 6-8 presenters. You can of course join this event and just listen to the presentations.

Food (all you can eat): Thai Buffet dinner
Drinks (all you can drink): Thai/German beer, white & red wine, soft drinks
Time: 18:00-21:00 Sunday, March 20
Venue: Thaisara Thai Cafe & Restaurant Price: 4,000 yen for non-presenters, 3,500 yen for presenters (500 yen discount for presenters) Max. number of participants: Approx. 20 people (6-8 presenters, 10-12 non-presenters)

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