Friday, February 12, 2016

雅楽ー新たな伝統 (タイ料理ディナーコンサート)
(English follows Japanese)



曲目:盤渉調調子 Banshikichô-Chôshi
一柳慧「星の輪」 Toshi Ichiyanagi "Galaxy"
木村恵理香 Erika Kimura "cold breath, cold fishes"

会場:”タイサラ” タイ・カフェ&レストラン
アルコールの飲み放題: 1,000円


Ancient Imperial Japanese Court Music Dinner Concert

We are happy to announce an exceptional musical experience - "gagaku" or ancient Japanese imperial court music in combination with a wide range of famous Thai dishes.
Naoyuki Manabe who has been playing and teaching the shō in Japan and also abroad for many years will play several traditional pieces as well as modern ones together with pieces he composed himself.
He will also give those who are new to the world of "gagaku" a detailed introduction to its history and will explain how to play the shō.

Among other songs he will perform:
- Banshikichô-Chôshi
- Toshi Ichiyanagi "Galaxy"
- Erika Kimura "cold breath, cold fishes"

Day and time: March 13, 6 - 9 pm (doors open at 5.30 pm)
Place: Thaisara Café & Restaurant:
Fee: 4000 yen - Thai food buffet style dinner, free Thai tea and music charge included (500 yen per additional drink, 1000 yen for all you can drink)

Seating capacity is limited so please make sure to secure a seat by making an early reservation.

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